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Why American Citizens Need Assault Weapons

An excellent article by Legal Defense Network President Marty Hayes, J.D.

Definitely worth a read no matter which side of the camp you are on.


Facebook “Like” 100 Rounds Contest

Congrats to Charlie Moore who was the winner of our 100 rounds of ammo drawing. Charlie chose 100 rounds of 9mm. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us reach our first goal of 25 Facebook likes!

New FB Page

We now have a Facebook page that we will cross post from here to Facebook on, so you’ll be able to stay up to date without having to check back. Call it a poor mans RSS if you’d like! If you click the LIKE button on the top right of our page, or go to the facebook page and LIKE us you can win a chance at 100 rounds of ammunition!

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Yes we are open for business. Like always, private sales and transfers only. New customers must be referrals from existing customer base. Please contact us at: sales@eaglefirearms.com

.45ACP in Stock

We have .45 ACP Ammunition in stock and ready for pickup or delivery.

From Atlanta Arms and Ammunition
45ACP 185GR JHP MATCH AMU (Minor Velocity) 50rnd Boxes

800 rounds available in 50rnd boxes. $19.99 / box plus shipping if required.

Contact us now!

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XDM in stock

Springfield XDm 9mm now in stock, NIB. Check it here.

XDM 9mm

Ammunition in Stock

Correction in pricing is listed below. Previous pricing was wrong, its lowered to its correct amount.

All ammunition is local pickup only, due to limited quantities and high demand we will not ship this ammo. If you are interested please drop me an email to arrange a purchase.

Limited availability and is first come first serve.

9mm, .40 and .45 ammunition from Atlanta Arms. This ammunition is once reloaded in the sense that they use once-fired military and LEO brass.

  • .45ACP: $19.99 / box 50rnds
  • .40: $16.99 / box 50rnds
  • 9mm: $ 0.48/rnd (loose ammo non-boxed)

7.62×39 Ball Ammo. Egypt mfr. Non-Corrosive, 90’s mfg. Brass case, berdan primer, lead core with a steel jacket.

  • 7.62×39: $ 0.49/rnd (Loose ammo, no mimimum order)

8mm FMJ Non-Crossive, 90’s mfg Brass case lead core

  • 8MM: $ 0.18/rnd (Loose; 5 rounds per stripper clip, no mimimum order)

WA residence please add 8.2% sales tax

If we can’t get it…

If we can’t get it…you don’t need it.

Welcome to Eagle Firearms. We are based out of Vancouver, Washington Clark County.

We specialize in trying to find you the lowest price and transfers. If you live in the area and need a transfer done for an auction you won, an online purchase you made or for any other reason, please see our transfer page. We are ready to help.

If you are looking to buy a new firearm, please contact us and at least verify our price. We will try to give you the best deal possible. We do not inventory any firearms, we order direct from our distributors and either transfer to you directly or via another dealer (for people who can’t do on site pickup).

We also carry a handful of used firearms. Please see the the used firearms page for more information.