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April, 2009:

Ammunition in Stock

Correction in pricing is listed below. Previous pricing was wrong, its lowered to its correct amount.

All ammunition is local pickup only, due to limited quantities and high demand we will not ship this ammo. If you are interested please drop me an email to arrange a purchase.

Limited availability and is first come first serve.

9mm, .40 and .45 ammunition from Atlanta Arms. This ammunition is once reloaded in the sense that they use once-fired military and LEO brass.

  • .45ACP: $19.99 / box 50rnds
  • .40: $16.99 / box 50rnds
  • 9mm: $ 0.48/rnd (loose ammo non-boxed)

7.62×39 Ball Ammo. Egypt mfr. Non-Corrosive, 90’s mfg. Brass case, berdan primer, lead core with a steel jacket.

  • 7.62×39: $ 0.49/rnd (Loose ammo, no mimimum order)

8mm FMJ Non-Crossive, 90’s mfg Brass case lead core

  • 8MM: $ 0.18/rnd (Loose; 5 rounds per stripper clip, no mimimum order)

WA residence please add 8.2% sales tax

The Eternal Debate

Greg linked me this so I pulled it over from Xtranormal. Classic stuff. I have this conversation with people all the time. Long of the short, do your research. Funny stuff.

Gun Buying… Update (VAF)

Today I updated my document on Gun Buying for the Paranoid.

The following section was added to the federal part of the document, as I find it extremely interesting and forgot about it when I wrote the original article. Feel free to re-read the article at the above link. Below is the section that was added.

NOTE ADDED 4.14.2009 It should also be noted that per Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 25.9(b)(1),(2), and (3), the NICS (feds) must destroy all purchaser identifying information on allowed transactions within 24 hours of the FFL being notified of the transactions proceed status. What does that mean? What it means is that once the Firearms Dealer (such as EagleFirearms) completes your background check and its successful the NICS (FBI) must destroy all data in regards to the transaction with 24 hours. So after 24 hours there is no record of your purchase within federal systems at all. The only record is the form 4473 you fill out at the dealer, who keeps that. The downside to this is that just because you passed a background check today, doesn’t mean you will the next time. Any changes or mis-identifications during a background check can cause it to fail and because of the above law, there’s no records that you previously passed your check. To prevent this the VAF was initiated. You can read about it on the VAF web site if you are interested.

The VAF was initiated to allow buyers to pre-register with the NICS. You are still required to do your background checks when purchasing firearms however you are given a license # that can be used on the Form 4473 which will confirm your identity during background checks. Basically making it impossible for you to fail or be denied due to mistaken identity or identity theft. Its an interesting topic since on one hand VAF falls into the “the government is watching you and wants to license you” versus “they already know everything they need to know in some giant database in some giant data center in some giant mountain…somewhere”. If you are gun buying for the paranoid, you most likely want to take the risk of failed background check versus registering with VAF. If you are ex-military, an FFL or any other federal agent or employee, VAF will only help you because they already know all about you so you aren’t providing them data they don’t already have.