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June, 2009:

.45ACP in Stock

We have .45 ACP Ammunition in stock and ready for pickup or delivery.

From Atlanta Arms and Ammunition
45ACP 185GR JHP MATCH AMU (Minor Velocity) 50rnd Boxes

800 rounds available in 50rnd boxes. $19.99 / box plus shipping if required.

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XDM in stock

Springfield XDm 9mm now in stock, NIB. Check it here.

XDM 9mm

Laws and such (cont) …

Well, quite honestly I didn’t expect such a fast response from any governmental body. Although I will say as a Washington State business operator I find all government deparments I deal with very friendly, very helpful and very honest. At least so far, my experiences with the various agencies has been good. We’ll continue to say that I was impressed at the response from the State Department of Licensing Firearms Division. A quick response to my email questions along with contact information should I want to call in and follow up.

I’ve updated my contacts page with the WA DOL Firearms information, as well as some federal agency info. Be sure to check it out.

Based on the previous post, i obtained some good information for Washington residence on what happens to the data you put on your Pistol transfer form when you buy a handgun or revolver. I found the best location for this is an addition to my Gun Buying for the Paranoid article. At the bottom I added a section about Washington State Pistol Transfers. Good information, I hope you find it helpful.

Laws and such…

Hey folks,

I’ve been getting a lot of queries about legal issues and state information. So I’ve been compiling some data as well as making some calls.

I’ve updated the State Law page to include a Washington State Summary page. This takes out the legal ease and answers a lot of questions. Be sure to check it out. I’ve also completed an Oregon Summary page now as well.

Also there’s been a lot of questions about the State Pistol form required by WA residents when purchasing a pistol. Such as where does the state store this information, is it publicly available, etc. I have a couple queries into the State Department of Licensing now, as soon as I have more information I will be happy to share it with you all.

Don’t forget we have several new and used Firearms for sale so be sure to check those out.