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November, 2014:

2015 Law Changes for WA State

This past Tuesday the citizens of Washington state decided to make some serious law changes towards firearms in their(my) state. Now if you know me, I’m not a gun rallying, right winger who hates Obama and thinks the government is out to get him. I don’t support or care about any specific political party and when it comes to gun laws I work around common sense and I research everything. I don’t assume the NRA knows what its talking about, just like I don’t assume any anti-gun or anti-NRA people know what they are talking about. Most of all of them don’t…they have political agendas.

I was disappointed by how people chose not to really understand what these changes made and just voted with what the mass marketing said. I will say the marketing for 594 and against 591 was really good and disguised a lot of the real issues at stake. I’ve always enjoyed WA from a firearms stand point as it sits in a pretty middle of the road spot and its citizen seem concerned about the ability to legally arm themselves with really good concealed carry laws and the way firearms sales and transfers works was really good.

It didn’t help that measure 594 and 591 were somewhat contradictory, but nobody bothered to read the things in their entirety and really understand what they meant.

There are a couple posts on this site that tend to get linked a lot that relate to laws in Washington as well as federally. I will work through updating any of those that need it over the next few days with any of the upcoming changes the voters chose to put in place.

I’m not going to rattle off everything I hate or love about measure 594 and 591, there’s 30 websites doing that. And if you want to really understand what they mean, do what you should have done BEFORE YOU VOTED, go read the actual. Bills/Measures/Amendments are always publicly available on numerous non-bias web sites. At this point its not worth crying about, the laws are set in motion. So for the time being here we are.

Pay extra close attention to the rights we’ve now given up around the governments requirements to follow due process. We kinda gave a lot of that up in regards to firearms.

As a dealer I think the critical thing now is for you to understand how this effects you the gun buyer or seller in the state of Washington. So I will be updating the Gun Laws in Wa post on this site as well as the Gun Buying for the Paranoid in hopes to help shed some light on that.