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CTC Laser Review

The other day I got to check out this really cool pistol laser site on a friends Glock. Ignoring the fact that I’m not a fan of Glock, (although I’ll happily sell you one if you want) or up until that point, any laser sight I had seen, I was really impressed with this friends setup. So, I looked into them and ended up buying one for my Springfield XD40. This is my brief review of the device as well as link to picture gallery of the installation.

If you are interested in one of these for your favorite pistol, drop me an email, I can get it for you and even install it if you are ultra-paranoid about shooting off your pinky finger during installation. Maybe, just maybe, you should email me and ask me to order you a brand new beautiful Springfield XD with one of these already installed…I just bet I could get you a smokin deal.


First, background. Why do I dislike Glock? Well you’ll have to ask me in person because this post is about laser sites, not Glock. Why have I previously disliked laser sites? Do I think they are cheating? Are you a wuss for having one? Well, actually I didn’t think any of those things and still don’t. Honestly my main turn-off for lasers on pistols was A) the way they mounted and B) the way they triggered.

Almost all of them either mount to the front or side of the gun or even on the front rail. Which is okay, except for the fact the gun will never fit in a descent holster again (my personal favorite being anything made by Fobus…ya i can order you those too). Worse yet though they required some way for you to quickly turn them on and off. Really stupid ones had a manually switch no where near your hand or fingers while holding the gun. Others had a switch on the grip somewhere and a WIRE that ran to the laser site. Ya thats fine and dandy until the wire catches on the holster or your clothing and you drop the gun or break the laser. All for sucks.

Honestly with a pistol, you own one for self defense and the fun of shooting. Well when it comes to self defense the more “ammo” in your favor (pardon the pun) the better. Someone comes into my house or jumps me an alley i have to spend less time worrying about aiming and where the barrel is pointed, and more time on the situation and making the right decision. As for the fun of shooting..ya these are really fun. And hey you can disable it at any time so you don’t even have to use it if your friends give you a hard time at the range.

Would I own one of these on all my pistols? Naw, they are a bit spendy and I really only wanted one for my primary carry gun. I think its smart for carry, but that’s about it.

Okay, well this thing is beautifully packaged and comes with a nice cloth mat to place things on during installation (same kind you get with nice scopes). It also comes with the 2 required CR lithium batteries as well as several tools for adjustment and some special cleaning tools for cleaning the laser hole/light if you get goop in while carrying it in the jungles of Da Nang.

Installation is pretty easy, you can see it in the photo gallery, pretty much in the order every step was taken to install it. The really nice thing is these are form fitted to the specific firearm model and they are pre-sighted at the factory for 50 feet. Mine was actually right on and required no adjustment, but if you do, adjustment is very simple. It also allows you to get crazy and adjust for wind compensation and stuff…ya, you can do that while the criminal waits holding his knife.

My favorite part of this device is that it doesn’t interfere with the pistol grip or how you hold it in anyway. And the laser trigger button is so light weight and positioned well you don’t even notice its there, the laser just turns on. I’ve played with this on a Glock and a Springfield and the experience was identical. I’d be interested to see it on a S&W pistol, but I’ll never own one, so if you have one, buy a CTC from me and let me know.

This device is made by a company called CTC (Crimson Trace). They make a nice variety of these and i have to say manufacturing quality is A+, packaging is very nice and the instruction guide and users manual (both very small) were very well written and easy to follow. The also aren’t afraid of including all the little things you might need and not going cheap.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a laser site for your carry gun.

They also make cool stuff for AR-15’s. Based on the quality of the pistol device, i wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for any of my AR-15’s.

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