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Shipping Ammo via UPS

If you read my last article you know it was mostly about buying firearms and the laws/rules and regulations at both the federal and at the state level.

Recently my friend Greg Collins was trying to ship me some ammunition from Atlanta Arms and Ammo that he had purchased for me and not being a dealer he ran into some issues. Mostly due to UPS and FEDX people not understanding the real laws.

He finally got transferred to the UPS HAZ Mat division who were all over it. They knew the rules and laws and here’s what he got back. If you are shipping ammunition and you are not a dealer and you use UPS, here’s what you need to know.

Thanks for the Information Greg!

  1. Must be less than 50 cal.
  2. Must be less than 66 lbs
  3. Must be shipped in the continental US
  4. The box must be marked with the ORM-D markings (I think the box I have is already marked)
  5. Must be shipped from a UPS Center , not a UPS Store or 3rd Party. (Pick up works too)

You don’t need an FFL or a Haz Mat Account with UPS if the above criteria are met.

UPS also provided the following PDF that Greg forwarded to me. It contains the rules as well as some ORM-D Markings you can print out to stick on the package.

Greg Collins is a Chief Instructor for Defensive Solutions with extensive background in defensive weapon and tactical training. Greg has been shooting competitively for nearly 15 years and has worked in high value asset protection, armed escort and VIP protection. He has trained civilians, US Special Operations, British Special Operations, and many US Law Enforcement Personnel.

Greg is a contributor to the Eagle Firearms web site.

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