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HB 1588 – WA Universal Background Checks Bill

For those of you who are following upcoming federal and state gun legislation changes, HB 1588 has been introduced sponsored by state representatives Jamie Pederson (D-43), Mike Hope (R-44) and 36 other state representatives that will require Universal Background checks for Wa State.

In short this bill (if passed) will require all private sales of any firearm to friends or family, or anyone else, to go through a Federal Licensed Firearm Dealer. This also will impact gun shows which ride on the “private transfer” laws to avoid background checks at gun shows.

This law also introduces a $20 tax to be paid on all transfers. Note this would be above and beyond standard dealer transfer fees of all weapons. This Bill also does not note that the “conceal weapons permit” holders of Washington state ability to avoid the standard pistol waiting period will be extended into the new law. So the assumption is that it will go away.

While it “sounds” great for dealers who will suddenly have a lot more business, its really more paperwork, more cost and as some feel the first step to universal gun registration.

On Wed Feb 13th there is a public hearing at 8am in the House Hearing Room A of John L. O’Brien building in Olympia Washington. You can attend this hearing and voice your opinion.

Read the law here: